Professional Mercedes Tuning
Mercedes C220 CDI W204 Tuning options, power increases & prices.
Tuning options / methods:

- ECU Remapping / Software Upgrade

- Plug & Play Chip

- UniChip
Power increase:

120kw Type-1

120kw 400nm
140kw 460nm

120kw Type-2

120kw 400nm
151kw 500nm

125kw Type-1

125kw 400nm
140kw 460nm

125kw Type-2

125kw 400nm
151kw 500nm
Additional Options:

DPF - Delete
DTC - Delete
EGR - Delete
Swirl Flaps - Delete
Throttle Valve - Delete
Speed Limit Removal

ECU Remapping - POA

Plug & Play Chip from R4300

UniChip from R4500
Chip Tuning File Service:

We provide professional tuning files, world wide, at competitive prices. We accept PayPal.
Mercedes C200 C220 C250 CDI

DPF Removed & Deleted
Mercedes C220 CDI DPF Removal

Fault Codes:

P244A00 The Pressure Differential In The Diesel Particulate Filter (Cylinder Bank 1) Is Too Low.

P245328 The Input For Differential Pressure Sensor 1 In The Diesel Particulate Filter Has A Malfunction.The Signal Offset Is Outside The Permissible Range.

P246397 The Soot Content Of The Diesel Particulate Filter Is Not OK. The System Function Is Restricted.


Limp Mode / Safe Mode (Low Power)

Warning Lights:

Check Engine Light - On


DPF Removed and Software Re-Engineered to exclude DPF function from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
No more warning lights and original power restored.
By Veloce Performance
ECU Remap vs Chip
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The BEST Performance Chip
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The TRUTH about…
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DPF Removal Explained...
A video & article about DPF Removal and alternative options. We also have a look at:

Buying a new DPF
Forced Regeneration
Cleaning of the DPF
Clearing fault codes
Buying a used or second hand DPF

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