Why buy from us

(1)The best prices in SA.

(2)The widest range of Performance chips in SA

(3)We would offer you a long term satisfactory customer / supplier relationship.

Therefore, we will NOT just sell any product to you, just to make a sale. We will only give you accurate and honest information and not just sales talk. Much of our business comes from “word of mouth” and that means satisfied customers. We know some upgrades perform better than others, depending on application. We will make sure you get the best upgrade for the given application at the best price possible.

We pride ourselves in excellent service and support.

We know you need your car on a daily basis and in most cases installations can be done on-site. As an added service we have a mobile team ready to make your performance upgrade experience as smooth and hassle free as possible. If an installation can not be done on-site, or you are unable to bring your vehicle to us, we will gladly collect and return your vehicle. We understand too well that your vehicle is a valuable and loved possession, therefore it will be treated with the utmost care and respect.
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ECU Remap vs Chip
ECU Remapping or also known as Software Upgrades, done correctly, will always be the better and safer way of optimising an engine. Much more parameters can be optimised than...

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The BEST Performance Chip
Diesel Performance Chips - The Truth! Most companies in South Africa selling so called performance chips, tuning boxes, plug & play chips or performance modules do not tell you that...

By Veloce Performance
The TRUTH about…
The truth about the diesel engine performance chips. Let's chat about the plug and play systems, the ones that connect onto the common rail pressure sensor. Usually, when you get...

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DPF Removal Explained...
A video & article about DPF Removal and alternative options. We also have a look at:

Buying a new DPF
Forced Regeneration
Cleaning of the DPF
Clearing fault codes
Buying a used or second hand DPF

Realistic & Safe Power Improvements
DPF Removal Solutions
Professional Performance Tuning
Catalytic Converter Removal Solutions
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