DPF Removal Price...
DPF Removal Price

What is a fair price to pay for a complete DPF removal solution?

As with most products or services, you will get too cheap and on the other side stupidly expensive.

Let’s start with too cheap, if you come across people here in South Africa offering DPF removal solutions for R1000 – R2500, red flag! This possibly means the company or person is using cloned Chinese tools and there is a very real risk of your vehicle not starting again after the attempted modification. In a price range like above, it also means that the physical removal of the diesel particle filter will most likely be forgotten. This will cause severe damage to the vehicle’s engine.

Let’s go to the stupidly expensive part. Some companies will tell you they have to install a new exhaust system or downpipe and also try and sell you some tuning (upgrade of performance). This is all very unnecessary and will inflate the bill. To spend any more than R6000 on a DPF removal solution is unnecessary, with a few exceptions, for example, VW/Audi 4.2 TDI & 6.0 TDI because this is literally double the amount of work of a 2.0 or 3.0 TDI.

We charge R4250 – R5500 for a complete DPF removal solution on most private vehicles. We only work with original master tools that require large amounts of money to firstly acquire them and secondly to keep them updated. This translates into us being able to make a safe modification on your vehicle and to give you a lifetime guarantee on our DPF removal solutions.

Unlike other companies, we specialise in diesel engine tuning and diesel particle filter removal. That is all we do. We invest all out time and money into the continuous development of DPF removal solutions.

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