Fault Code (DTC) Removal

Modern vehicle diagnostics are very helpful in identifying where a problem might be and how to fix it. Unfortunately sometimes when a fault code appears it can be a long list of possible parts that may cause the problem. This means in such a case, you will have to replace a part, one by one, until you find the actual part that is causing the problem. This can run into many thousands of rands an many hours of labour. In some cases you will end up replacing the engine completely to find out the engine malfunction light will still appear. This is because, the vehicles harness might have been at fault and not the actual engine components.

We can remove most fault codes (DTC Codes) or also known as OBD codes from Engine Control Units (ECU). We do this by reading the ECU files, deleting the fault code from the ECU fault code system and then writing the new files back to the ECU. Please note, we do this with specialised tools and software engineering, not just by clearing the fault code with a diagnostic tool. If you clear the fault code with a diagnostic tool it will just come back eventually.  

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