Diesel Particulate Filter Solutions - Watch Our Video...
I will assume if you are watching this video, you are having diesel particulate filter problems on your vehicle.

We offer professional DPF removal solutions at a fraction of the price. More of this later.

Let's talk about the DPF and what it does in short.

Diesel particulate filters or DPF was designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from diesel exhaust gasses. Unfortunately, diesel particulate filters do not last indefinitely. These filters will eventually become blocked, no matter how many times you try to regenerate. This will cause a decrease in power as well as an increase in fuel consumption with possible damage to the turbo. Replacing them can cost a fortune. A diesel particulate filter can cost as much as R100,000.00 to replace.

I am sorry to say, how much of us here in South Africa can afford to spend R30,000 or R50,000 or even R100,000 to replace a Diesel Particulate Filter? I honestly think only a very few us can afford it. For the rest of us, it is impossible.

There are no shortcuts, there is only one way, the RIGHT way.

On most vehicles, when you remove the DPF physically, without modifying the software, will eventually cause an engine malfunction and will cause the vehicle to go in safety mode or also known as limp mode. So, it is not possible to remove only the physical diesel particulate filter without doing the software re-engineering.

We can cure the mentioned problem on most vehicles, by removing BOTH the physical DPF as well the DPF function from the software of the engine control unit by re-engineering the software.  This means the engine control unit will no longer recognise the diesel particulate filter and the vehicle will no longer go in safety mode or limp mode. No more engine lights, no more warning lights, no more regeneration.

We can remove & delete the diesel particulate filter at a fraction of the price to replace it. Prices start from R4750. Normally the removal of a DPF will increase power and slightly decrease fuel consumption. Your vehicle will back to its usual self without any compromises or negative side effects.

Watch out for bogus DPF removal solutions. We do professional manual DPF solutions in WIN-OLS.

We guarantee our DPF removal solutions and is stated on our invoices.
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