The tuning industry waited a long time for a protocol to read an write the Delphi DCM 3.7 ECU installed in the VW Polo 1.2 TDI. The protocol was finally released and since then we developed a DPF-OFF solution. We have done in the region of 150+ 1.2 TDI’s successfully. We have also developed a tuning solution that adds 10-15kw & 30-50nm safely.

We Guarantee our work DPF Removal Solution.

Cost: On special @ R4250 (Physical Removal & Software Re-Engineering).

Tuning R3500 including dyno.

DPF Remove + Software Re-Engineering + Tuning R5750

Time Required: 6-8 Hours.

For bookings call Adriaan @ 082 716 8142


  1. I have got a problem with Cat converter too, the car’s performance is affected a lot. Is there a plan to remove this cat converter? Need help please.

  2. I have a 2013 Polo 1.2tdi currently presenting three warning lights, (DPF, Coil & ECL). I understand the proble to be caused by the DPF, What is the cost of removing the DPF and reprogramming the ECU?


  3. Hy. Am in Durban. I have a polo 1.2 tdi bluemotion 2010 model. It has a problem with the catalytic converter and it also shows the coil plug light on the dash. The light flashes. How much cn i get it fixed and where can i fimd you guys pls help me

  4. Hy.I’m in Pretoria.I have a golf tdi 2009 its on a slow much to remove an delete the dpf.
    And can I still drive it to we’re you are on that slow mo?


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