The Ultimate Way to increase power on your VW Amarok 2.0 TDI 120kw.

The VW Amarok 2.0 TDI 120kw is a fantastic vehicle and one of our favourite bakkies. Even though it comes out with 120kw & 400nm, it does however strangely feels short of power especially in the higher rpm ranges. We have developed the perfect solution to remedy this problem.

ECU Remapping is the only cost effective way to increase the power. Chips in general, especially the ones that connect on to the common rail pressure sensors are a waste of money. Gains with such chips or tuning-boxes often only add in the region of 1-5kw & 5-20nm. The chips that connect on to the injectors, they work well, but usually only increase fuel injection quantity and no air pressure (this usually cause quite a bit of smoking). These options are also usually very expensive. This begs the question, why not go for ECU Remapping that really works and where you can really feel the difference afterwards and costs half the price in the first place.

Below is the dyno results. This particular vehicle started out 95.7kw & 302nm. After the ECU Remapping power went to 126kw & 364nm and this is of course without any clouds of black smoke. At 3400 RPM torque went up from 245nm to 355nm, exactly what you need when overtaking. More power is possible but this amount of additional power is enough to make a significant difference but keep the engine as reliable as it would be standard.

ECU Remapping / Software Upgrade is the way to go without a doubt.

Cost: On special @ R3500 including dyno before and after runs.

Time Required: 3-6 Hours.



    • Moshe, It most certainly can be remapped. Gains will be in the region of 28-35kw & 50-80nm of additional power. On special at R3500 including dyno before and after.

  1. To whom it may concern,
    Where about are you situated and which days are you open for business?
    I am interested in a remap for my amarok 2011 bi tdci 2 lt
    Who can I xontact?

    • Peter, we are situated in Centurion, Hendrik Verwoerd Dr until the end of August 2017, then we will be moving to Heriotdale in JHB South. At the moment we work Mondays to Fridays. From September we will be working Tuesday to Saturday. Please make an appointment, we are usually very busy. You can contact Adriaan @ 0827168142 for an Appointment.


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