The Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D is one of the most reliable diesel engines in my opinion. I would own one right now if it was not for the fact that they get stolen big time here in South Africa. It is also an engine that can effortlessly handle a power increase of 30% without any worries as long as it is done properly.

Chips work quite well on the 3.0 D4D engines, especially on models from 2010/06 onwards. Most performance chips on the market will only increase common-rail pressure¬†which is not ideal. With a custom ECU-Remap made for your vehicle’s engine on our dyno, where a lot of small changes are made across the engine management, is a much safer and much more effective way to increase the performance. In every scientifically measurable way an ECU Remap, done professionally, is better than a chip that simply fools the ECU into increasing the common-rail pressure. Think about it, if Toyota wanted to increase the power of their engines would they use a chip to do so? No, they will modify the software on the ECU.

In the above video, the live dyno runs were recorded. Please note power is measured on the wheels without any corrections factors. Actual power on the wheels is always a lot less than the power on the flywheel, in this case the 120kw & 343nm. The dyno runs were done on our brand new dyno.

Time Required: 3-6Hours (Why so long? We custom tune each engine on a dyno.)

Price: R3000

For bookings call Adriaan @ 082 716 8142



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