Diesel Performance Chips – The Truth!

Most companies in South Africa selling so called performance chips, tuning boxes, plug & play chips or performance modules do not tell you that these are simple electronic devices that intercept the common rail pressure signal and reducing it by a certain percentage depending on the selected setting. As soon as these units are installed, the ECU is fooled into thinking that the common rail pressure is too low and instructs the diesel pump to increase fuel.

Not only is this dangerous for the engine, this is a poor way of tuning an engine. Some of them spice these units up by adding apps so you can adjust settings from your mobile phone. You will most probably think that this is a nice gadget to have and that you should get one. The point is, it is still the same poor and dangerous way to increase the power of your vehicle. The sellers will tell you it is the most advanced chip out there and the marketing, of course, is in your face all the time so naturally, you will assume it is.

I have lost count of how many of these performance chips from all brands we have removed from vehicles of unsatisfied customers. According to some the sellers of these performance chips, you can expect a power increase of between 20-40%.

Take for example the Isuzu KB300 DTEQ 130kw, according to the distributors of these chips, your vehicle will gain as much as 30% in power. That is supposed to up the power with 39kw & 114nm. A gentleman called me and said that he is very disappointed in the “Most Advanced Chip” in the world and if we are able to assist him. We did a dyno run without the chip, after which we reinstalled the so-called “Most Advanced Chip” and did several after runs with different settings and found that the gains were a mere 3kw & 40nm tops. No matter which setting was selected, no more could be gained. The gentleman paid almost R8000 for this specific chip. After confirming that this supposed “Most Advanced Chip” is just a money making scheme, we did proper tuning (ECU Remapping) on the Isuzu KB300 and we gained a safe but reasonable 27kw & 101nm.

Another example is the Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi. This was just a joke, no matter what setting was used, the vehicle ended up with LESS power than standard. What made things worse, is that the vehicle frequently went into limp mode and the engine was noisy. The best results we ever saw with these kinds of plug & play units were a shocking 4kw & 15nm with a price tag of R6500 and above. With ECU Remapping we easily added 30kw & 100nm at almost half the price.

Next up was a Mercedes C320 CDI, this poor gentleman was told his vehicle would gain a spectacular 40kw & 100nm. We again did a dyno test as we did previously on the Isuzu and the results were that the “Most Advanced Chip” in the world added only 1kw & 3nm. And the cost for these poor gains was in the region of R8000.

The list can go on forever and I would probably type my life away if I have to mention all the cases that I was directly involved with. So let me rather stop here…I am sure you get the picture by now.

What amazes me is that most of the sellers of these chips will refuse refunds. So you buy a product that does not even remotely deliver what is promised and you will be refused a refund. Secondly, how do they get away with selling you gains of only 1, 2 or 3kw for a stupidly high amount of money like R4000-R8000? I will tell you how… firstly, most all of these companies do not own a dynamometer, so they can’t prove how much power the units are truly adding. So you simply have to go with what they tell you, which 99.9% of the time is NOT TRUE. Unfortunately, a lot of the general public is very gullible. Take for instance the well-known placebo effect… the power that the brain can convince the body that a fake treatment is the real thing. This is exactly how these companies are able to convince you of the incredible gains without ever having to prove it.

Recently, I have noticed that you can also buy these units for few hundred rands or some just above R1200. I will not even waste your or my time going into that except for saying STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY!!! The trick here is that the unit will most probably not work and sending the unit back for a refund will probably cost more than the initial cost of the unit. This is where you no longer bother with returning the unit and the supplier never has to refund you, which leaves you with a unit that doesn’t work and money well wasted.

The best performance chip is definitely not anything that just increases the common rail pressure. Some of these sellers will claim their unit will also adjust the boost pressure as well, the fact is 99% of the time the vehicle will boost later, so the vehicle will perform worse in the lower RPMs, and when you do an actual boost pressure test, there will be no increase at all.

The question you should ask is, what is the BEST way of tuning, NOT what is the BEST performance chip. The short and simple answer will always be ECU Remapping, also known as a Software Upgrade. There are lots of myths here in South Africa about ECU Remapping. For example: I received a call from a customer telling me that these companies selling these plug & play units, claim that if you remap an engine the turbo will blow up. How ridiculous is that? If the boost pressure is too high, the turbo will be damaged, however, if a tuner does this, he is simply not a good tuner. ECU Remapping can be bad for your engine BUT ONLY if it is done by someone with little or no experience. When ECU Remapping is done by a professional with many years of experience, nothing can compare to it. The key is you should always opt for the MAX-SAFE power. There should always be a good balance between power and reliability. Any good tuner knows this. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good tuners out there and this is what gave ECU Remapping a bad name with some people, or rather why there are all sorts of myths surrounding ECU Remapping.

Take it from a professional that has dealt with, designed and developed all kinds of tuning solutions for many years. If you want the best optimisation for your vehicle, you start by staying WELL CLEAR from any performance chip, tuning box or module that will increase common rail pressure. If you still do not understand exactly what you need to watch out for, give us a call and I will gladly assist you. Secondly, do not listen to sales talk and stories. What is written here is the truth. Anyone telling you anything else does not know what they are talking about or trying to trick you into a sale.

We are diesel tuning specialists and we do diesel optimization the honest and professional way, the only way you should ever consider! We do tuning according to how your vehicle’s engine responds and based on that a calculated decision is made as to what a SAFE amount of power is to add.


  1. Hi, have you done any D4D’s
    Mine has a Chipbox chip would like to see if you can increase bhp.
    Inter cooler and pipe fitted.
    What is the cost?
    You obv got a dino to compar
    Let me know

    • Jan, how do you get to that sum?

      Secondly, you have no idea how much training, development, tools, updates, etc costs…

      If you take all factors into account we should charge R5000 per hour or more.

      On average we charge R4500 per car. Some cars take up to 3 days and others less.

  2. Hi is it possible to boost performance and decrease fuel consumption at the same time?
    Or is it one or the other? The engine is a 3.0 TDCi

    • Kallie, gewoonlik verbeter die brandstof verbruik as jy natuurlik ry vir brandstof verbruik. As die enjin en komponente soos injectors in a baie goeie toestand is, is albei moontlik ja.

    • Good day, yes we mostly do diesel but with a few exceptions. What car and engine are we talking about?

  3. Hi I’ve got a Ford focus st 2016. I want a power upgrade, looking for 50kw gains, what would you suggest? And for how much?

    • Hi, you will need some quite significant hardware changes. Unfortunately we are too busy for such large projects.

  4. Hi got a 2007 ford focus ghiadiesel
    Any suggestions how to increase horse power
    but also good on diesel. Obviously at the cheapest price.
    Necessary to do chips etc?
    Would knn filter, flee flow exhaust, cold intake make a difference.


    • Elmien,

      ECU Remapping will be your best option and it will cost you R3500 Incl the dyno before and after runs.

      Yes, the other products will help to increase the power but only by small margins and they are expensive.

  5. Good Day got a Polo 1.4 TDI lost the turbo and renewed it need to know cost to remove DPF filter and upgrade software please.

    • Hello, we can do an ECU Remap and this will add on average 30kw & 100nm on the wheels. Approximate flywheel power 190kw & 600nm. We need the car for 3-6hours and it will cost you R3500.

  6. Greetings what would you suggest for a lexus 250is manual 2006 , What could you offer in performance enhancement and cost

  7. Bayne, not possible. Tuning will only start to make a small difference from about 1500 RPM and then a big difference from 2000 RPM.

  8. Hi Blacke

    What would you suggest for a manual 2015 mini cooper, What could you offer in performance enhancement and cost?

  9. I own a 2014, X5, 3.0D, F15


    • Wessel,

      ECU Remap (Software) is the way to go.

      We can do a DPF removal as well.

      Tuning alone – R4500
      DPF Removal alone R5500
      Tuning + DPF Removal done at the same time: R7500

      The estimated gain will be in the region of 220-230kw & 630-650nm

  10. Hi Have a 2.0 diesel Landrover Evoque 2018 model the 134kw would like software remap pls. Im in Cape Town any offices here? Price also pls.

    • Dhanesh, gains will depend on the KW version. But on average 20-30% more power. R3500 is the price, custom-tuned on our dyno. The job will take 4-8 hours.

  11. i want to map my amarok 3.0 v6. can you give mme an indication on what it will cost . thre should be software to increase the KW and NM to thet of the Tuareg. its where this engine comes from isnt it ?
    191kw 600NM

  12. Hi I have a Ford focus 1.8 petrol and it is very slow. Is it anything that can be done on it to increase the power. Any advice

  13. Good day, how much will it cost to improve performance on my vw polo 1.6tdi (2012) and which method will be used? I only need a system that will not have any negative impact on the current consumption of this vehicle.

    • Zama, R3500 is the cost and we need the vehicle for a day as we custom tune each vehicle on our dyno. ECU Remap is the way to go.

  14. Good Day

    I have a 2018 BMW 520D (G30) , I am looking at a plug and play system due to the motorplan , The car is currently on 140kw what would be the gains with the plug and play ?

    What would be the price of these units ?

    Thank You

  15. Good Day

    Hi have a Peugeot 207 hdi 1.6 2010 model,
    I did the cat removal and deleted it about a week ago
    They did the software again.
    What suggestion do you have to increase kw and nm ?
    Thank You

  16. Hi I have a 2005 bmw 330d E90. How much would a dpf delete and software update cost please? What would the power gains be?

    • Unless your vehicle is imported, it will not have a DPF installed so you can remove the CAT without having to do the software.

  17. Hi, I have an audi a3 1.4 tfsi 2011, i’ve removed my cat when and I’ve added a down pipe, how much would u charge to delete and tune my car?

  18. Hi I own a 2006 Mercedes Benz c230 kompressor and would like to know how much you would charge to tune my car and how much maximum power would it gain.

  19. Good day.
    What power gain will i get on remapping my 2.8 gd6
    Already done Cirrus intercooler and 76 mm stainless pipe
    What will it cost me and how long do you need the bakkie.
    Kind regards

  20. Hi
    I bought a 2020 Isuzu HO 250 xRider in Dec 2020. It has under 1000km on it. Bit low on power and I am sure the test drive vehicle was tuned and the one I received is not.
    What do you suggest and when can I bring it? What would the gains be? According to the spec it should have 100kw and 320nm

    • ECU Remapping is the way to go. 125-130kw & 380-400nm when done. On special at the moment @ R2750, custom-tuned on dyno.

  21. Hi
    I have a kia sorento 2.5crdi, what will cost be to remap?
    Turbo core was replaced few weeks ago, intercooler upgraded to bigger one and injectors replaced 18months ago but serviced recently so I know motor is good.

    Need some more power now
    How long will it take as this is my daily driver and need it for work


  22. I have just purchased a GWM P Series 2.0 Diesel , is remapping available on the vehicle yet (being so new to the market)
    secondly does it impact the vehicle warranty remapping

    • Niel, we have not done them before. Not sure if the can be remapped yet. We will have to get the vehicle in to see what ECU is installed.

  23. Renault Duster 1.5dCi 80kw engine 2020 model. I don’t care much about max power though. I want 300Nm at 1700rpm! I know it can be done. But can you do it? I tried ChipTune and Racechip boxes and playing with the setting on the dyno but never got 300Nm below 2000rpm 🙁

  24. Hi, I have a 2017 KB 3000. I am looking for a bit of power boost within safe margins. What options are available to start office and at what cost

    • Siya, ECU Remap is the way to go – R2750 (Custom Tuned on Dyno) – We need the vehicle for about 3-4 Hours.

  25. Will I lose my warranty if I remap a new Prado 2.8 150kw VXL? What gains can I expect and cost, and time required please.

    • I am sure they can pick it up if they really want to. But so far, no issues with 2.4 / 2.8 GD6 engines in terms of warranty.

    • Good day, I would recommend you start with a custom tune. R3500 is the price and we need the vehicle for about 4-8 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

  26. Hi – I have a 2013 Toyota HiLux 3.0 D4D – 232 000 ks on the clock – what would you recommend as best option to consider on this vehicle ?

  27. Please advise options for a Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 V8 DC, 2017, heavily loaded often (overland application), where reliability is the most important thing! Very heavy on fuel: would that change do you think

  28. Good day,

    I have a 2009 Polo Classic 1.9 tdi (the lower kw model). The vehicle was well looked after and had all its required services and has low kilo readings considered its age. I am not speed posessed, so I normally drive between 110 and 140 on open road.

    My main focus is better fuel consumption. What % difference are we talking about roughly and what will it cost and how long time do you need? What do you think you need to install or modify?


    • WdT, always hard to say exactly what fuel consumption savings will be, it will depend on the conditions of components such as injectors, drive style, etc. Remap @ R3000 and we need the vehicle for about 4 hours as we custom tune on dyno.


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