The right way to increase the performance of your Isuzu KB300 3.0 DTEQ 130kw.

Since the new shape Isuzu KB300 DTEQ came out in 2012, we were the first to have a software solution for these engines. Injection system went from Delphi in the previous model to Transtron in the new model. This made it possible to read and write via OBD. We have tried and tested many different chips and plug and play chips. Nothing came close to the ECU Remapping in terms of safety and power. The plug & play units connecting on the common rail sensors proved to be useless and a waste of time & money. The chip options that did make a reasonable difference cost anywhere in the region of R7500 – R15000 or more vs the ECU Remapping / Software Upgrade price of R3000 – R3500. No chip option can add the amount of additional power safely like with ECU Remapping. We also never had any issues in terms of warranty & reliability.

Let’s talk figures. This particular vehicle is a KB300 DTEQ Auto. Before the ECU Remap power was at 107.9kw & 366nm. After the remap power was at 139.8kw & 505nm. Total gained was 31.9kw & 139nm. The least we have ever gained was 25kw & 90nm and the best were 34kw & 140nm. The KB300 DTEQ with Manual gearbox usually gains in the region of 25-30kw & 90-120nm. It is possible to add even more power, but to keep the engine reliable we stopped at the above figures. Enough to make a big difference and keep the engine as reliable as it should be.

It is a no-brainer, ECU Remap / Software Upgrade is the way to go without any doubt.

Cost: On Special: 2012-2015: R3000. 2016-2017: R3500 and includes the dyno before and after runs.

Time Required: 1-2 Hours.


  1. Hi what will the price be for a 2018 kb300 auto and what will be the gains as i see ur fb page shows some with 600nms plus or do those have bigger intercoolers and exhuasts and in terms of loosing warranty from isuzu if the software is found or do u not add to the flash count? So it cant be found

    • Gio,

      We have never had any warranty issues with Isuzu. The cars are standard, only software is done. Gains are usually in the region of 30-45kw & 100-150nm.

  2. How reliable are these vehicles after remapping. I do alot of long distance and towing. Reliability and fuel consumption is key

  3. Hi is there any drop in the fuel economy or is that higher with the higher power gains also is this a 2 map setting one for economy mode and one for power mpde

    • Keith, they are usually better if you drive for fuel economy. Only if you do flat out driving all the time will the engine use more fuel.

  4. Hi after my 30liter auto was remap my fuel consumption drop to 8km per liter….the dyno showed 159kw and 640nm…..and it was smooth through the gears but it had like a flat spot when it is in 5th gear and goes into overdrive …..this is frustrating …….what would you recomment

    • I would suggest going to whoever remapped your vehicle and have them fix it. Or get your money back and we will map the vehicle for you.

  5. I bought a 3l isuzu last ( 2021)
    After my legend was stolen.The biggest frustration is how slow this bakkie is, cant even get it to a 100km when driving up n hill.


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