The Ford Tourneo 2.2 TDCI is a well built and very good looking MPV. There is just one big problem, power! When cruising at 120kp/h it is close to impossible to overtake a vehicle. This huge shortage of power causes much frustration and in some cases, in my opinion, can be dangerous. What can be one of the BEST MPVs out there, is now ruined by a lack of power.

But there is hope… if you choose the right option!

Very important, when you do consider upgrading the performance of your Tourneo, know that any plug & play system that connects on to the engine’s common-rail pressure will be a waste of your money and will cause engine damage in the long run. It will also make Zero to a very small difference or in some cases, the engine will end up with less power than standard.

The only way that truly works and safely so is ECU Remapping – Done Professionally.

We have developed the perfect solution.

This particular Ford Tourneo 2.2 TDCI 92kw started out with 84.8kw & 314nm on our dyno. After ECU remapping power went up to 125kw & 459nm. This is a total peak power gain of 40.6kw & 145.3nm. This completely transforms the driveability of the vehicle. Instead of dreading to drive your Tourneo you will love to drive it.

RPM Range Diferences:

@ 2000 RPMS, KW Before: 60, KW After: 80, NM Before: 280, NM After: 375

@ 2500 RPMS, KW Before: 80, KW After: 120, NM Before: 305, NM After: 450

@ 3000 RPMS, KW Before: 80, KW After: 125, NM Before: 260, NM After: 390

@ 3500 RPMS, KW Before: 75, KW After: 115, NM Before: 210, NM After: 310

Price: R4500, Including Dyno Before & After

Time Needed to Complete Procedure: 6-8 Hours



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