The BEST way to increase the performance of your Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi 88kw.

The 88kw Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi was launched and we quickly had to find a solution to cure what we would call bad factory mapping. In the dyno before run below, you can clearly see how the torque drastically drops from 2400 RPM then suddenly pick up from about 3800 RPM. The torque should hold to at least 3000 RPM and then gradually drop towards 4000 RPM. KW that should climb all the way up to 4000 RPM, also suddenly drops and then pick up again. All of them are mapped in this way. We developed a solution that holds the torque to about 3400 RPM and then only slowly drops towards 4000 RPM, which is normal for a turbo diesel engine. KW also climbs steadily towards 4000 RPM like it should.

Before NM @ 3000 RPM – 205nm
After NM @ 3000 RPM – 300nm
Gain +95nm

Before NM @ 3500 RPM – 155nm
After NM @ 3500 RPM – 295nm
Gain +140nm

Total gains in terms of peak power:
+39kw +44nm

The above improvements are only possible with ECU Remapping / Software Upgrade. Please note by no means whatsoever is this achievable with any kind of chip.

This is a must have for every 88kw Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi owner.

Cost: On special @ R3500 including dyno before and after runs.

Time Required: 2-4 Hours.


    • Wesley, we have done them since 2012 and 99.9% of them were and still is under warranty and never had any warranty issues with Ford.

    • Nico, some of them get slightly better fuel consumption and some of them stay the same. If you drive aggressively all the time, fuel consumption will increase.

  1. I have a Ford Tourneo 2.2 Custom 96kW motor. What increase can you offer me with a plug & play unit and a dyno ? At what cost more or less ?

    • Piet, I can not guarantee you that Ford will not be able to pick up the modification, what I can tell you is we have never had any warranty issues with Ford and we have done many hundreds of them of which 99.9% was and still is under warranty.

  2. Good day , i have a 2017 ford ranger (wit donkie ) i have just taken her for her first service (20 000km)
    the mechanic told me that sins i have the 88kw Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCi is there no chip / remap or any after sale device that can improve the performens , because the turbo is a low power , my question is as follow , what is my guarantee that i will be able to feel the power difference , and must i do a free flow with this ? and the cost , can you pleas assist …..
    kind regards Ben

    • Ben, I guarantee you that you will feel a massive difference. You will not believe what a big difference it is until you drive the vehicle afterwards. On special @ R3500 including the dyno before and after runs. No need to do any hardware modifications.

      • can you please provide me with a phone number so i can make a booking asap…..i saw today that after the service yesterday the car comp shows that i get +- 16l to 100km…….i have to do something

  3. wow !!!!! best service and the word done on the ford is amazing!!! i am were happy with my “new” bakkie this is what a ford must be like !!!!!!! great job will recommend you with a smile !

    • Hi Ben and fellow 2.2 88kw owners, can you please advise on any reliability issues following the remapping? Please also advise on average consumption? Thanks Neil

      • Niel, except for the usual Ford turbo issues no, fuel consumption will depend on how you drive and from engine to engine. Worst case scenario it will stay the same with up to 2km/L better fuel consumption.

    • Mnr Snyman, die turbo werk nie veel harder nie, net met 5-10% meer. Ons maak nie al daardie krag net om turbo druk op te jaag nie. Die groot krag kom van ander plekke af en maar gaan beslis nie hier op die internet ons geheime verklap nie 🙂

  4. Good day.

    I have the 2.2tdci base 88kw. Do you recommend I speak to ford first about the guarantee or just do it. Also im in Cape Town which is a bit of problem as you based in JHB. Can you recommend anyonr this side that will do the quality work that you guys are doing.

    • Johan, to speak to Ford about it is your choice. I would say it is not necessary. Unfortunately, we are based in Gauteng only and cannot recommend anyone in CT.

  5. howzit. i have a 2015 2.2 ranger. when lockdown is better i will come up to jhb to get a remap.
    i will phone to make a booking.
    stanley from howick kzn

  6. Hi Ben, i have a Defender 2.4 TDCI with the Ford DuraTorq motor, from what I understand the 2.2 was based on this. Have you mapped one of these before?

    • We have yes, 20-25kw & 50-60nm more. R3500 is the price. Need the vehicle for about 4-8 hours as we custom tune each vehicle on a dyno.


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