The BEST performance upgrade for your Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi.

The Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi is an impressive vehicle. With a little more power, driveability is just so much better and overtaking is a pleasure. We can safely increase power without compromising the reliability and the BEST way to upgrade the performance is without a doubt ECU Remapping.

The plug & play units that connect on to the common rail pressure sensor is an option you should definitely avoid. It will compromise the reliability of the engine and in terms of power will make almost no difference. The claims of 30 or 40% more power is ridiculous and not possible for such a plug and play unit.

This particular vehicle started out with 63.1kw & 239nm. After the ECU Remapping power went up to 89.1kw 276nm. Total peak power gains were 26kw & 36nm and with as much as 40kw & 95nm more across the RPM range.

Before NM @ 3000 RPM – 195nm
After NM @ 3000 RPM – 265nm
Gain +70nm

Before NM @ 3600 RPM – 110nm
After NM @ 3600 RPM – 205nm
Gain +95nm

Before KW @ 3600 RPM – 40kw
After KW @ 3600 RPM – 80kw
Gain +40kw

Cost: On special @ R3500 including dyno before and after runs.

Time Required: 2-4 Hours.


    • Hi, unfortunately not. However, you can always send the ECU to us, we can do the modification and send it back.

  1. I am from the philippines. Any advice on how can i attain that kind of performance with my ecosport 1.5? Becaise there are no perfromance shops within my city to upgrade. But i have the skills. Need only instruction and parts to order if neede. Thanks. Hope to reply on my email


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