ECU Remapping or also known as Software Upgrades, done correctly, will always be the better and safer way of optimising an engine. Much more parameters can be optimised than a with a chip. A Chip will ultimately only fool the Engine Control Unit (ECU). For example, most chip options will connect to a diesel engine’s common rail pressure sensor. The chip will intercept the signal providing the ECU with the rail pressure values. The chip will reduce the common rail pressure signal by a certain percentage, thus fooling the ECU into thinking the common rail pressure is too low and by this method, the rail pressure is increased. More fuel is injected and that is how the additional power is achieved.

With ECU Remapping / Software, the ECU is not fooled nor tricked. The software directly instructs the engine and components what to do. With ECU Remapping a lot of small changes are made to make a significant difference safely instead of the 1 or 2 parameter changes made by a chip. With modern ECU’s it becomes more and more difficult to fool or trick ECU’s with a chip. That is why in some cases little or no additional power is achieved or engine malfunction lights will appear and the vehicle will enter safe mode or also knows as limp mode.

In a few cases some may argue a chip made more power than with ECU Remapping, this is not because no more power can be produced with ECU Remapping, it is most likely decided by the developer of the software that any more power will be unsafe for the engine or the skills or the developer may be limited.

In rare cases, some vehicle’s software can not be optimised because of the limitations of the interfaces that is responsible for reading the ECU’s software and after optimisation, the writing of the new optimised software. In such cases, a chip is the only way to increase the performance of the engine.

Plug & Play Units does have an advantage when it comes to vehicle warranty. In most cases, if the unit is removed before service, it is undetectable by the manufacturer. ECU remapping / Software Upgrades may be detected by some manufacturers, this, however, happens very rarely. There is still to this day manufacturers that can not pick up the ECU Remapping / Software Upgrades.

With regards to vehicles out of warranty, ECU Remapping / Software Upgrades should be your first choice.

The only advantage any chip(Plug & Play) will have vs ECU Remapping is the warranty factor. Companies claiming that a chip is better than ECU Remapping is purely trying to trick you into a sale because they don’t offer ECU Remapping.

We will assist you in choosing the right product for your vehicle.


  1. Hilux GD6 2.4 moderate tuning up to 2.8 spec possible? – Can you provide a map for such if I buy the programmer from you. Can I download the current Software from the vehicle and put it back before a service to keep my warranty ?

  2. Hi

    Thinking of doing a ECU remap on my 2010 Merc 250 cdi

    Have you done one before and what was the results before and after

  3. Hi
    I have Bmw 125i coupe normal aspirated 2008 model. I want know what i must put in or do to the car for max power ?
    Its 160kw with 270nm stock

    • Jouberto,

      I would suggest ECU remapping. This will cost you R3500. It will increase power in the region of 10-20kw & 20-40nm.

  4. Hi,
    Just wanted to know if you will be able to help in remapping already installed Stealth Software ? Did some mods and she needs some fine tuning, BMW 320d.

  5. Hello,
    I’m from Mauritius and i drive Nissan Hardbody NP300 with the 98kW YD25DDTi engine. I would like to know what can be done to improve power output. Bakkie is still under warranty so i will need a system that can be erased and re-installed in between service.
    What would you recommend?
    Thanks for reply.

  6. Good day.

    I have a 2102 Mercedes Benz Vito 116CDI. Can I have this remapped? What improvement can be expected.
    Need to improve initial acceleration and NM for towing.

  7. I drive a 2009 Toyota Fortuner D4D auto. I need some more power for towing caravan. Can you remap the ECU and is it safer than a chip.

    • Jan, Yes we can remap the ECU. Yes, it is safer than n chip. It will cost you R4500 and we need the vehicle for a day.

  8. Good evening. I have a Mitsubishi triton 4×4 2.4D 2018 model. What would you recommend to increase the 133kw.

    • Good day Charles. ECU Remapping will be the best option. We can safely increase the power to 153-158kw and add 50-70nm.

  9. Good Evening . I have a kia cerato koup 2.0l manual 115kw stock . please recommend the best upgrade and estimate power gain .plus cost .

  10. Good day,
    I have a Jeep Cherokee 2,8 CRD 2007 model.
    What will the ECU remap cost and what will my expected improvement in power and torque be?
    Does the remap include changes to the automatic transmission?
    Do you have an office in or near Cape Town?

    • Good day Willem,

      It will cost R3500 Incl Dyno Before & After. Gains are usually in the region 20-30kw & 70-100nm. No, we do not change the transmission settings. Unfortunately, we are only in Gauteng.

    • Hi Chris, usually about 30kw & 100nm on the wheels. I will soon post a video of 3.2 that we have recently done.

  11. I recently had unichip Q4 fitted on my Mahindra xuv500 2012 model. I am not satisfied with the results .e g. My fuel consumption shows 18 kmpl avarage on the screen, but when I physically calculate it with the total fuel used and covered kilometers I get just under 13 kmpl. I am thinking of having the chip removed and software update done. Is this the better option or what can be done? And what will be the cost involved?

    • Thabo,

      Yes, we can do ECU Remapping. It will be the better option.

      We need the vehicle for a day and it will cost you R4500.

  12. Good day,

    I am considering a ECU remap on my 1.6 tdci Fiesta 2014. Can you maybe give a estimate price on that?
    Are you guys only in Gauteng? Thank you

  13. Hi am in Botswana I own a Mercedes Benz C220 CDI from UK, I need DPF delete + ECU remap for increased power. How much the cost for this.

  14. hi I have a 2007 mazda bt50 crdi 3.0
    115kw 380nm will it be worth it to do remapping , and what will the gain be in power.
    and will it effect how many km you have on the clock?

    • Keith, yes we can upgrade the power. It will cost you R3000 and we can add 24-28kw & 70-90nm of additional power.

  15. Hi
    I have a bmw 320d E90 2005, I want more power and perfect fuel usage. Any suggestions, price and how it will affect the gearbox and engine?

  16. I have a Landcruiser V8 4500 double cab with unichip. Will it change much to remove and do mapping and what would the cost be!

    • Herman, yes we will be able to improve the performance. It will cost you R3500 and we need the vehicle for 3-6 Hours. Go to Dastek and get a bridge plug if you do not have one. This will enable us to test with the UniChip installed and then disable the UniChip to do a comparison between the remap and chip.

  17. Hello
    I have a 2015 Ford Focus ecoboost 1.5
    Would you be able to do mapping on it and what would the cost be,and expected power increase?
    Kind regards

  18. Hi. I am looking at either a plug and play option or remapping for a 2017 Toyota Rav4 2.2 Diesel (110kw/340nm). As the vehicle is still under warranty please advise if any options are offered on these vehicles and what the cost thereof would be? Thanks

    • Good day, we only do ECU remapping on those engines. There are too many issues with the plug and play systems. A remap will cost you R3500 and we need the car for a day.

  19. Hi,

    I have a ford kuga 2.5T AWD Titanium 2012 and would like to know how much for remapping and how much gain will i get in power & torque?


    • Denzil, a plug and play unit will have little to no effect. ECU Remap is the way to go. We need the car for 4-8 Hours. The cost is R3500. Gains will be in the region of 20-25kw & 40-70nm.

      • Hi, I have the same Audi, 2014, 2.0TDi, 130KW. Also have a mechanical warranty with Hollard. Will this be a problem if picked up by an RMI approved mechanic? Can I expect similar gains and how much will it cost

        • Good day, they won’t be able to pick up the remap. Only someone like myself or maybe Audi. Yes, you can and R3500 is the price. We need the vehicle for about 4-8 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

  20. Hi
    I have a 2012 Lexus LX570, it has a Unichip and performance exhaust, but it is still quite heavy on fuel. I don’t think the chip made any difference. What would you suggest is the right way to go.
    Would a remap be better ?

    • Mike, in our conditions here in SA, there is no point in trying to tune naturally aspirated petrol engines in most cases. Not worth the money at all.

  21. Good day

    Hope you guys are doing well

    O ja and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

    I want to ask is it maby possible for you to PLEASE send me a result of a 2.4 GD-6 2017 Hilux so that I can see the difference between stock and when it has been remapped and also for the different types of remapping you guys can do in terms of the different powers available.
    I want to compare it so that I can see what map to choose

    I don’t have FaceBook anymore because they tried to hack my account so I then deleted mine so if you don’t mind to please mail it for me

    I will REALLY appreciate it πŸ˜€

  22. HI

    I drive a 2017 Polo R line 1.0 DSG and i installed plug and play chipbox in my car. When i leave my car idling for more than 4 minutes , the engine flashing lights displays (flickering) which causes me to switch the car engine off; and also the engine flashing flickers when am I driving up an incline and i have to follow the same procedure again.

    What is the cause of the problem ? And is it advisable to change to Re-map?

    • Good day, simply remove the chip and all will be ok. Remap is the better option, yes, but we do not work on Petrol engines.

  23. I have a BMW 330d F30 2016 model. What’s the best way to increase power? And please advise on cost if you are able to do it. Car is still under motor plan. What gains can I expect?

    • Good day, ECU Remap is the way to go. R3500 is the price and we need the vehicle for a day. Assuming we are talking about the 190kw version, gains will be in the region of 25-35kw & 70-100nm.

  24. Hi how can u help me with best performance and power on a Volkswagen polo trendline 1.4 2016 model and the price I’m from pretoria

  25. Good day we have a c250 cdi 2013 merc. We had the dpf removed and egr blankt off and the ecu was remapped to delete the components that was removed. The car goes well but when you accelerate there is heavy smoke. The kilos is 65000km. There was no smoke before the components were removed. Suggestion please I am ashamed to drive with the car

    • They probably tuned the vehicle for additional performance and did not do a very good job of it. Ask them to remove the tuning. Or something else is wrong with the engine.

  26. Good day.
    Got Infiniti 2016 Q50 2.2d and I’m away from SA πŸ™‚ so can ECU remapping to cancel addBlue and EGR be sold online? Any hardware needed? If yes can it be DIY if you will provide procedure?

  27. Good day. I have a 2017 Toyota 2.8 A/T 4X4 with 100k km on the clock. How much power gain will a remap give, and how long will the process take to remap?

  28. Good day. I have a 2019 Mitsubishi Pajero sport 4X4 with 8000 km on the clock. How much power gain will a remap give and what is the price?

    Kind regards

  29. Hi I have a Prado 3.0 d4d 2010, I want to increase power and fuel consumption. 230k mileage.
    What will the price be for remapping and what difference will it make?

  30. Hi I have a 2013 Hyundai santa fe 2.2 eVGT, I recently had the dpf gutted and remapped with egr delete as well. It is emitting more black smoke now with smudges on the rear bumper and jerks too. Can you remap it remotely or would I need to send you the ECU? I’m in Ghana

  31. Have a Ford Ranger XLT 2.0 si single turbo. Most tuners dont have mapping specs available. Any help or advice forward ?

  32. Hi

    I have a 2012 Ford Focus mk3 2. 0 tdci sedan powershift. Currently having engine light on due to DPF. I’m thinking of removing the DPF and remapping the car.

    What is the best solution for my car?

  33. DPF on my Honda CRV 2011model was removed some years ago. I don’t know what all was done during the removal. From last few months The engine light intermittently keeps coming on and the goes off. What do you think could be possible problems? Will upgrading the software help in any way? What is the cost of such upgrade?

  34. Good day
    I am Currently looking at a 110kw tdi DSG VW tiguan, if it is still under warranty do you recommend going chip or map and what is the cost difference? in your honest opinion what is the risk of losing the warranty?

    Thank you for your time and help.

    • Christoff, with plug and play as well as remap there will always be some sort of risk. We do a lot of VW/Audi vehicles most of which are under warranty and never had any issues with VW/Audi in terms of the warranty. ECU Remap without a doubt will be the best option. Plug and Play Units especially on the modern common-rail diesel engines does not work, you WILL waste your money. ECU Remap – R3500 and we need the vehicle for about 4-8 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

    • Piet, we can remap if the engine is in good condition. R3500 is the price. Just keep in mind on 327 000km there will be wear and tear and anything can go bust at any time and the remap should not be blamed for that.

  35. Hi,
    I have a 2019 F20 120d, what are your suggestions in terms of remapping the software and what kind of kw/nm will be achieved on the wheels?
    How will the upgrade impact the phenomenal fuel consumption i currently get?

  36. Hi, I have a 2016 Volvo XC 90 D5 AWD. 110,OOO km on clock. What would be best, chip or remap, and what will the gains be. Currently
    it has 173 kw, factory claimed. Thanks.

    • Ivan, ECU Remap will be the best option. 20-30kw & 50-70nm. R3500 and we need the vehicle for 4-8 hours as we custom tune on dyno.

      • Naand
        Wat dink julle van die dte chip
        Ek het ‘n 3.0 detec 4×4 isuzu 2011
        Hoeveel is die koste vir ‘n ecu remap en hoeveel kW, toq asb dankie

        • Frikkie, ECU Remap is beslis die beter opsie. R4000 is die prys en ons het die voertuig nodig vir 6-8ure, ons doen custom tuning op n dyno. 25-40kw & 80-120nm ekstra.

  37. Hi there. I have a renault koleos 2. 2011 model automatic and have had the DPF and Cat removed. How much will you charge me for the ECU reprogramming on the vehicle?

  38. Hello Guys I want to purchase a ‘Benz G350 cdi 2012 model (no more warranty)
    How do we give it some oomph? (what are my options – I hope remapping would be a feasible option)
    When I service at MB do they not automatically reset the tuning to factory spec when they connect their diagnostics?

    • Fanie, ECU Remap is the way to go. Not necessarily, and if they do we will write the MOD file back free of charge.

  39. In addition to the above.
    Can you decat the exhaust? Benefits? How restrictive is this exhaust system?
    Removal of the DPF- does it have any potential negative effects on the engine/ fuel system. I undertake to only use ultra low sulphur diesel.
    Are you aware of a safe turbo upgrade?
    What needs to be done to get the power up to the ML350 level? Has it merely been detuned for the G application or does it have different components? (smaller turbo, lower pressure fuel pump, different engine)
    i would appreciate a prompt reply to inform my decision to purchase please.

    • Andre, usually in the region of 30kw & 100nm. R3500 is the price and we need the vehicle for about 3-6 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

  40. Hi, I want to re-map or chip my GD6 2.4 AT.

    What would you recommend, re-map or chip and will it give significantly more speed on pull away and will the diesel use be more or less with which one?

    Thank you

    • Juan, ECU Remap is the way to go. 28-40% more power. Fuel consumption usually improves but depends on factors such as driving style and condition of the engine.

    • Ari, 20-25% more power. R3500 is the price. We need the vehicle for about 4-8 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

  41. Hello, I have a Nissan Terrano 2, 2.7 TDi, 2000 model with around 260k on the clock. Currently have a unichip, installed by SAC but needs to be retuned after some mechanical fixes. These unichips are outdated so need to look at my options. What would you recommend?

    • Good day, remove the chip and let us remap it @ R3000 and we would need the vehicle for about 4-6 hours as we custom tune on a dyno.

  42. Hi, can you guys do a remap on nissan 350z & nissan 350gt, both have the same vq35de engine, and toyota celica gts 2zz-ge engine?

  43. Good day, I got a 2013 Mercedes ml350 bluetec. 142000km. I had the dpf physical removed and deleted… As well as an EGR delete. No power problems… Fuel economy are good. The problem i have is that it is smoking heavily on acceleration especially in the first to gears then its normal. Was the ecu remap done correctly? Are there any remedial action from your side that you can suggest. They have used Alientech… KessV2 on the car. The smoke is if like it’s overfueling. The egr valve is still on car.

  44. Hi Guys,

    I have a Ssangyong Korando II 2.0 XDI 2012 model, CAT has been removed on recommendation of mechanic(supposedly blocked) after we had mechanical repairs done to the vehicle. Now it seems we need to have the ECU remapped to accomodate for the removal of the CAT. Can this be done and what is the cost?

  45. Hi, do you offer ecu remapping for a 2013 Kia Rio 1.4 Tec (Manual) ?? The stock power is 79kw. If you do offer a remap of this vehicle what amount of additional kw can we expect and what would be the cost?

  46. Good day. 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci. Constant DPF blockage issues. How much to remove and delete DPF regeneration / remapping. Vehicle do short distance and the reason for DPF issues.

  47. Comment: Hi I drive Kia magentis (Optima 2.0 i) 2005 I realise you don’t do petrol but does not suggest an alternative
    what can be done in this instance to improve kw/ Nn beside Steve unichip
    I was even thinking of swapping engine with that of Honda Accord .can this be done?

  48. Hi I have a Renault 2018 Kadjar 16dci I need to know how much it will cost to do the EGR and DPV delete and removal

    The car has a jerking when driving and only sometimes it has gone back to Renault more time than I can count I think it the software that is the problem

    • Good day, DPF Remove & Delete + EGR delete will cost you R5500 and we need the vehicle for a day. I am not sure if the jerking is caused by the DPF or EGR. Highly unlikely.


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